Dienstag, 4. April 2017



Plants. I still struggle to keep them alive, but over the past years, I've become passionate about getting to know different types of plants and the environments they thrive in. I have planted a number of avocado pits and have thoroughly enjoyed watching them grow. Here are the criteria I focus on when picking out new plants:

1.) Survival of the fittest: Since my current apartment does not get a lot of sunlight, I have to pick plants that are happy being in the shade. I've found that orchids and ivy are very hard to kill :)

2.) What's your story? I love plants that have a story behind them. It could be that they were a gift from a loved one, or that I planted them myself from a fruit pit. Anything that goes a little bit further than "I bought them at the store", wins my heart.

3.) Feed me. My favorit plants by far are the ones that will eventually have fruits. Avocado plants, fig trees, lemon trees, even if they never end up producing an edible fruit, the antcipation of it is enough excitement for me :)

4.) Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. I love plants with simple, green leaves. I use fun flower pots such as this one from group partner to make them stand out a bit more. Once I have my own place, I plan on attending a Macrame workshop (such as this one) to make hanging plant arrangements.

Image source: www.pinterest.com

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