Montag, 19. Dezember 2016

Christmas Gift Guide for People You Don't Know Very Well

There are only 5 days left until Christmas Eve and people are starting to hand out gifts left and right. If you would like to give out gifts for people at the office or family members that you might not know very well, here are some ideas that work for almost anyone. You can also mix and match these gifts or cobine them all in a nice gift basket.

xmas gift guide
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1. A Good Read
I like to give books even to people I don't know very well. Usually, I ask at my local book store for a must-read, a new bestseller that everyone is talking about. If I'm not sure whether the other person actually likes to read, I go for a seasonal  picture book with good photography.

2. Something Christmassy
Whether it's a mistle toe, a Christmas ornament or a handmade wreath, Christmas decoration is usually a safe bet for anyone.

3. Ceramics
Everyone has to eat and drink, so I often go for a nice ceramic cup, plate or candle holder as a small gift. If they are handmade or from a local brand, they are even more special.

4. Tea
I love tea myself and always pick a nice Christmas blend as a hostess gift if I'm invited for a Christmas get-together.

5. Fabric
Ever since I was a child, I was always most excited to unwrap the softest presents. When I was little it was because I expected a new stuffed animal, now it's because I'm most excited about clothes or a nice linen for my kitchen. Nice fabric is always a great idea!

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