Freitag, 28. August 2015

How to Make a Collage Wall

Collage inspiration on Pinterest
Alining and planning my collage wall - with a little helper :)

STEP 1 - Get inspired. I usually browse Pinterest for interior design inspiration. 

STEP 2 - Start planning. Before you put any pictures up, gather a collection of frames (I went for antique gold frames and a few subtle white ones)

STEP 3 - Find the images. I had a few drawings that I definitely wanted to hang up. Choose images that all have something in common. I went mostly for drawings with subtle colors. Bold black and white photos would have been too much of a contrast.You can fit smaller images into a bigger frame by lining them with white paper. 

STEP 4 - Arrange the pictures. Before I hung up the frames, I arranged them on the floor to decide on the spacing between them.

STEP 5 - Hang up the pictures. After aligning the frames on the floor, I started hanging them up one by one, always matching the pattern I had laid out before.

TIP - Take your time, but then just do it :) It took me quite a while to plan this collage wall, to decide on the images and frames and to come up with a nice way to arrange them. The best thing is to get a few frames without having the end product in mind and then you can decide whether or not you need them all. After a bit of planning, I decided to just go ahead and start hanging up the arrangement. You can always change the images in the frames if you are not happy with them anymore. The most important thing is the alignement of the frames. The rest can be fixed later.
The final product. I am very happy with the end result.

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