Donnerstag, 2. April 2015

Easter Origami


Just a few days before Easter, I have this perfect origami tutorial to show you. Whether you need something to entertain your kids over the holidays, create cute table decorations or come up with something crafty to add to your Easter basket, this is an easy and quick tutorial on how to create Origami Easter bunnies. I found the tutorial online, and because it's such a quick one, I already created a whole army of paper Easter bunnies. You can buy pre-cut origami paper in most stationery stores. Enjoy!




  1. Wow! Wie genial ist das denn? Die werde ich sofort nachmachen und meinen Kommilitoninnen mitbringen. Die werden sich freuen :) Vielen Dank!!!

    Ich wünsch dir frohe Ostern und ein schönes WE,
    Angi ♥ love-to-shine

  2. Lovely!!!