Montag, 13. April 2015

Big Hair

I've had collar-bone length hair for almost two years now, and I was always happy with it, because it gave me a lot more volume than my previous long hair style. Recently, I guess with the change of the season, I've been wanting a change. I would like to grow my hair longer again, but still keep the volume that I have now. So for the last few weeks I've been trying out a new hair style using a new product range and clip-in extensions to create BIGGER hair. Here's how I created this big fishtail braid:

Step 1 - I washed and conditioned my hair with Garnier's "Prachtauffüller"

Step 2 - I added the clip-in extensions (after watching countless tutorials on Youtube :))

Step 3 - I added the Prachtauffüller hair spray to give my hair some texture.

Step 4 - To make sure the extensions blend in nicely with my hair, I created a fishtail braid and used a rubber band to tie it together at the end.

Step 5 - To create more volume around my face, I pulled out a few hair strings to get a messier look.

When using clip-in extensions, it's usually important to find the exact hair color and high quality hair, but if you create a messy braid, you can get away with a slightly different color and texture and it will still look natural. I'm very happy with the product line I used, because it smells AMAZING and did not dry my hair out like most volume creating lines do. Give this tutorial a try if you like it!


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