Donnerstag, 5. März 2015

On Living With Less

Last year I moved across the Atlantic to spend the year living and working in America. I had this romantic idea of packing up my suitcase with my most treasured items and starting the new year in a fresh and exciting new environment. Only, when the first suitcase was full, I had barely managed to squeeze in a fraction of my belongings. What about my colorful Spring pants? An elegant watch, a watch for every day, snow shoes, rain boots, flats, mid-heels, elegant sandals, comfy sandals, beige sandals, black sandals, the list was seemingly endless, but the space to fit it all in was not. I somehow managed to leave a few things behind and sneak some things into my boyfriend's suitcase, but the lesson was crystal clear: I had too much shit. Over the course of the year we moved a few more times and every time it was the same story: I had too much shit. I decided to seriously address this problem once I was settled back in Switzerland and ready to move into a new apartment. I searched for books online and found two gems that are just too good not to share. The first one, pictured above, brings the whole issue to the point in just a few pages. We all have too much shit. The other one was an audio book I listened to before I started packing to move into the new apartment and it made all the difference: Listening to Marie Kondo talk about the "life changing magic of tidying up" made me realize that the only way I could have a clean and organized living space was to get rid of a lot of the stuff I owned. In the audio book (which you can listen to for free here), Marie goes through every possible category of STUFF you could think of. Clothes, documents, family photos, receipts, electronic devices. For every category she gives tips on how to decide whether you should keep an item or donate it. I was glad to hear that I was not the only one who has a drawer full of battery chargers of which I have no idea what device they even belong to. These two books really helped me reconsider the amount of stuff I own, and I managed to sort out a ton of things to donate. I also created a pile of stuff that I will be selling at flea markets this summer. A fun activity with friends can turn into making a bit of money and getting rid of a lot of shit. I hope these two books can inspire some of you to do a nice spring clear-out!


  1. I started to listen to that ! It's really interesting. And I was so surprised that I could concentrate for 30minutes, just to listen :) It was quite relaxing, and I would've listened longer but I had to catch the bus...
    But good thoughts. Luckily, I'm one of the people who naturally like to tidy :D aaaaall the time. But as a perfectionist and being interested in the environmental side of things, I'm so interested to know more about cleaning, living with less and being more minimalistic.