Donnerstag, 22. Januar 2015

Moving House

As some of you already know, I recently returned home from a nine month long internship in the United States. I stayed at my parent's house now, while I was looking for an apartment for my boyfriend and I. I was so excited about being able to create my own little nest again, as we had stayed in a fully furnished apartment in the US that didn't exactly match my taste. I have a box of beautiful home ware, including vintage plates and lots of Aesop products for the bathroom. I couldn't wait to find a charming old place with elegant wooden floors and a newly renovated kitchen to make my home look like my Pinterest page. Unfortunately, when you are a student, you have to lower your expectations a bit. We found a lovely place in a great location, but with quite a few flaws (bright yellow kitchen, stained floors, broken walls). There's a plus side to this not so perfect place, though. I get to prove my interior decorating skills and make a wonderful home out of a relatively blank slate. My goal, as always, is to keep it very minimalistic to create the illusion of bigger rooms. Lots of whites, some older furniture to make the place look more charming and of course, always fresh flowers. I am confident that after a few weeks of living in the new place, it will feel like home and my boyfriend and I will be very happy there. In the next few weeks, as I am planning my move, I will show you some inspiration that I am using to improve our home. Starting off with The Bedroom


  1. I mean, I can't see why they wouldn't be if the place is not in great shape to start with, but I've rented places where the owner didn't want tenants doing anything to the decor. I like the minimalist style, though, if you've not already got loads of stuff that you need to find room for.

    Robyn Harmon @ Hills Moving

  2. I was never a big fan on the black and white before. I am definitely coming around though. The pictures are amazing and it really does bring out the features of everything because you are not distracted by the colors. I have slowly begun incorporating the black and white into my home office and slowly will be moving to other rooms.

    Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate

  3. The white in the bedroom is beautiful! I love how the black accents well against the white. You have turned the room into an area that is functional with a modern design. This is similar to what I did with my living room and in the same colors that you used.

    Thomas Scott @ Elite Home Offer