Montag, 19. Januar 2015

Kids Birthday


I am at that age now, where I get invited to kids' birthday parties again, but this time not to run around and play like I did when I was five, but to sit at the grown up table to hang out with my friends who already have a family of their own. I used to love birthday parties when I was a child and am so happy to be able to contribute to making these fun play dates even more exciting for my friend's children. Here's a cute idea for a fun, colorful kid's birthday cake: I used my trusty cheesecake recipe because the almost white topping creates the perfect surface for a colorful decoration. For the tiny flags I cut up an old H&M skirt of mine to use the fabric. I folded the fabric in half and cut out four equally sized triangles. Then I sewed the edges with my sewing machine and ran a tiny thread through all of the triangles in order to tie them onto two barbeque skewers. For the cake topping  simply used colorful cake sprinkles. A simple design but very cute and the kids and adults loved it.




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