Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014


Last weekend I had a Christmas and birthday party marathon. Almost all of my friends and family have their birthdays in the winter months and of course with Christmas coming up, there's lots of other invitations coming up. So I decided to go big. Miniature-snowman big. I baked 40 miniature cupcakes and brought them along for each of my party invitations. 


For the cupcakes I used Leila Lindholm's basic cupcake recipe and frosting. Here's how I made the snowmen:

I cut a toothpick in half and added two mini-marshmallows. For the nose I used orange marzipan (I bough marzipan carrots at Migros) and created a little hole using another toothpick for the nose to sit in. I only used a teeny tiny bit of marzipan. For all 40 cupcakes I used about a hazelnut size amount. If you make the noses too big, they might fall off. For the eyes and buttons I used melted dark chocolate. Again, the tiniest amount was still way too much. This is an easy crafty project, but it requires a steady hand and it does take some time. This would be a fun activity for a kids birthday or Christmas party!


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  1. super cute cupcakes!! Love your idea. Will try this recipe. Hopefully mine will also look as great as yours. ^^

    luna m'