Sonntag, 30. November 2014

Wrapping it Up

Happy first of December!! Finally, the Christmas season is officially here. I am very busy finishing up exams, but I have already started to decorate my home a little bit, and I have been getting creative with this year's present wrapping. This is such a cheap but beautiful idea: I just picked up a brown paper bag from a local Asian take away, folded the handles to the inside and stapled it together, adding a few dried flowers from a bouquet. For the flowers you can add anything that tickles your fancy. You can use small part of your Christmas tree with some red berries or you can buy dried, colorful flowers at the farmer's market and add some greenery. You can find more inspiration on present wrapping on my Pinterest page.






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  1. Amazing Pictures… kann ich da nur sagen! Einfach wunderschön… *___*
    Küsschen, Angi