Montag, 10. November 2014

Dahlia Divin



I had the pleasure to test out the new Givenchy perfume "Dahlia Divin". Now, I know it is virtually impossible to accurately describe a smell in words and since scents are completely a question of personal preference, a simple "it smells great" won't do either. So, I guess all I can do here is give you my personal opinion and you'll have to go and test it out for yourself.
I am very sensitive when it comes to scents. I often recognize people's perfumes, and I can smell it even if they swear they had only put on a teeny tiny bit. Although some scents are too over-powering for me, I am really not too picky. I love all kinds of scents, ranging from heavy, sweet winter nuances like Dolce&Gabbana's "the One" to cheap, sweet, girly smells like Bath and Bodywork's "Cashmere Glow". My favorite, however, are the light, fresh, elegant kinds such as Chanel's "Coco Mademoiselle". To my great excitement, Dahlia Divin falls exactly into that last category. It is without a doubt one of the best perfumes I have ever owned. The scent is fresh, happy (as happy as a perfume can be), and just beautifully elegant. Instead of vanishing after a few hours like all my light scents (eg. Zara), this one stays on all day and lightly changes into the warmer notes. I guess this is the best I can do in terms of describing it. Next time you are in a perfume shop, grab a tester and try it out for yourself! Let me know in the comments what you think!



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