Freitag, 10. Oktober 2014





This is not a recipe. I have no idea how to make marmalade, although I wish I did. My family has an old quince tree (German: Quittenbaum) that produces quite a large amount of fruits every fall, but until now, we never really bothered to make something of it. Quince are famous for being a pain in the butt to process. They are quite hard to cut and if you want to process a lot of them at the same time, you either need an amazing knife and cutting board or an out-of-this-world will power. My dad, being newly retired, took on the project of cutting up quite a few of those tricky fruits and made his first attempt at home-made marmalade, really successfully, I might add. My part of the project was to make the jars look pretty, which was actually not a hard job at all. I wanted to make antique-looking tags, so I googled old drawings of quinces and added the writing with the "a beautiful mess" app. I then printed the whole thing on faded green colored sheets of paper and added two layers of an old, white curtain fabric as a cover for the jar lid. I tied the whole thing together with a string of bast. Homemade marmalade is a perfect seasonal gift to bring along as a hostess gift. You can even personalize the text on the tags to make it even more special. 


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  1. Beautiful pictures ! :) looks really delicius :)