Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Cold Remedies


I just got back from a trip to the US (once again). One thing that I can pretty much always count on is the fact that I will catch a cold during these long and stressful travels. While most people push through a minor cold and often don't take good care of themselves, I have a habit of totally and completely indulging in my sickness. I take even the faintest signs of the sniffles as a reminder that I should take a step back and relax with a pamper evening and a good night sleep. The plus side of this habit is that I usually feel better very quickly so that the sickness never completely takes over (knock on wood). Here are four of my pampering routines, including two of my favorite refreshing products.

1) Load up on your Vitamins: Usually, when I have a sore throat, all I'm craving are fresh fruits, preferably lots of lemons and oranges. I often add them to my tea, or sometimes I add a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a piece of fresh ginger into a hot cup of water. The hot water and the spicy taste of the ginger are very soothing for the throat and the lemon juice makes it taste fresh and healthy.


2) Indulge in a pamper session: When I feel a cold coming on, nothing feels better than a long, hot shower, jumping into a fresh pair of pajamas and calling it a night. My favorite products are ones that smell like eucalyptus, mint or ginger. The rosemary mint shampoo from Aveda has that perfect fresh and healthy scent that helps clear your airways while you breathe it in. Similarly, the Marimekko/Aesop body scrub smells like a lovely forest, perfect for a cold winter night.


3) Curl up in bed with a good book: When you want to get a good night sleep, it is best to turn off all your electronic devices and simply enjoy a few chapters of your favorite book, preferably in dimmed lighting. I am currently reading "the love of a good woman" by Alice Munro, last year's Nobel prize winner in literature.


4) Keep warm! Make sure you stay nice and toasty, maybe with a hot water bottle, lots of chunky knits and a big blanket!

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