Montag, 1. September 2014



I recently bought myself the Kinfolk Table book at Anthropology, mostly because I love their photographs and because this makes a gorgeous coffee table book. I'm not a big fan of using recipe books, because they usually have tons of ingredients that I have never heard of and that I have to hunt down in different supermarkets. This is not one of those books. Most of the recipes I've browsed through so far only include ingredients that I keep in my fridge at all times anyways. This is the first recipe I tried: The citrus lentil salad. I didn't follow the exact measurements, but just added to taste. This recipe includes lentils, scallions, olive oil, vinegar, fresh lemon juice and zest, some sugar, salt and pepper and I added some tomatoes and avocados.  I didn't have scallions at home, so I used onions instead, but I think spring onions would be much better. The lemon makes this salad taste very fresh and makes it the perfect dinner on a hot and humid evening!


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