Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Common Sense Cuisine




On my last day in the US, I went to Whole Foods, and as I walked past their book section, the Sprouted Kitchen recipe book immediately caught my eye. The Sprouted Kitchen has been one of my favorite food blogs for a long time, so I just couldn't resist picking up a copy. Now that I am home, I have already tried out some of the recipes, the first one being this tomato soup. The recipe is simple, quick and the ingredients are easy to find in the supermarket. Those are my number one criteria if I am searching for a good recipe. Like I said before, I rarely follow a recipe. I like to practice what I call "Common Sense Cuisine". I get inspired by the ingredients and quickly browse through the recipe, but then I usually go along and do whatever I think will taste good. In this case I roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic with a bit of olive oil in the oven for thirty minutes, added them to a pan of chicken broth, blended everything and seasoned to taste. I didn't take any exact measurements. Knowing that tomatoes contain a lot of water, I only used a small amount of chicken broth. For the seasoning I chose whatever I thought would taste good, but mostly parsley, salt and pepper. 

The highlight of this meal was the piece of olive bread I baked in the oven with a layer of mozzarella cheese. Heaven!

I can highly recommend this book, and on the weekend, I plan on tackling the baking section!!




  1. hey liebes,
    hab dich zum whatsapp tag getaggt. würde mich sehr freuen, wenn du mitmachen würdest :)


    liebe grüße aus köln
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    1. Hey hey, danke, ich schau ihn mir gleich mal an!

  2. Looks so good. I love it <3 I do the same tomatoe recipe but with cherry tomatoes because they taste sweeter. Great post


  3. Heyy ! I bought the same book when I was in the us :D and we made that soup with Tanja !! so yummy.

  4. Ohhh this look so delicious :) Beautiful pictures :)


  5. whoa sooo yumy!!!!!!!


  6. I really like this!
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