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How to Dress Skinny

We all have different body types, and what looks great on one person may look hideous on another. I, for instance, am really tall and pear shaped, which means boyfriend jeans just look ridiculous on me, even though I love them on other girls. I think we can hide a lot of imperfections by dressing the right way. This especially goes for people that are overweight. I know a lot of tips and tricks to hide a couple of pounds, and in my opinion, certain styles even look better on curvier girls. In the next few weeks, I am going to show you different outfits that incorporate many of those tricks so that my curvier readers can get inspired to dress more flattering both for business and more casual occasions. 

Outfit #1: Elegant

Outfit 1

One of the most well-known tricks to dress skinny is to wear black. I think that is true, but there are lots of ways to wear lighter colors and still get a slimming effect. One way is to layer. It doesn't matter if you wear a baggy or a tight shirt, If you layer it with a cardigan or light jacket, it will hide love handles and elongate your figure. Another trick is to wear short statement necklaces. For business outfits I wouldn't go too crazy, but an elegant necklace will direct the focus to your face and cleavage. Wear nude heels to elongate your legs and a big statement bag which will make you look smaller in proportion. 

Outfit #2: Casual

Outfit 2

Again, wear whatever t-shirt you like, but make sure you layer it with, a jacket. Wear bright lipstick for a fresh and healthy look. Even though heels will make you look skinnier, you can achieve the same effect by rolling up the bottom of your pants a few inches to show some skin around your ankle. This is the genius trick Sarah Jessica Parker reveals here.

I hope this was helpful, and I will show you more tips and tricks in the coming weeks!  - Xoxo

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