Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Brand Crush - Moss Copenhagen

Last summer I went on an amazing trip to the north with one of my best friends. We both loved the style of Copenhagen, especially the furniture, but we also discovered a lovely store called MSCH: Moss Copenhagen. My friend bought a sweater at the time, and I was trying to be reasonable and not buy anything. Typical for me, though, I always want what I can't have, and now that I know that MSCH doesn't ship internationally, I am obsessed with the brand and want a million things. I am even considering going back to Copenhagen with an empty suitcase and just fill it up with MSCH :) Ps: This is not a sponsored post, I am really that obsessed :)


  1. The stuff really looks cool!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know. (:

    Anushka Makar

  2. I love all the looks. They are my style.

    Stay in touch..!!