Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

Happy New Year's Eve

Only a few more hours until the new year. I have a lot of resolutions for 2014. A few classic ones like eating healthier and exercising more, but also some new and exciting ones like learning a new language and living in a new country. The last one is not as much a resolution as it is a fixed plan. The plane tickets are booked and in two weeks, I will be leaving Europe to go live in the US for a few months. I decided to enjoy my holidays here in Spain and not worry about any resolutions yet. I want to be lazy, sleep in, enjoy the sun and eat whatever I want. As soon as I move to the States, though, I am excited to try out some new, healthy recipes and sign up for gym, yoga and Finnish classes.

I hope everyone is celebrating New Year’s Eve in style, whether it may be in a sparkly dress or distressed jeans and bunny socks like me ;)

1 Kommentar:

  1. we'll be talking Finnish together in no time ! Can't wait to see you <3

    happy new year !!

    xx Maria