Mittwoch, 18. Dezember 2013

How I Wear Color


My style is usually quite plain, and I don’t wear a lot of colors (unless you want to call beige a color; then I am all about colors). I very quickly get the feeling that I am wearing “too much”: Too much color, too much jewelry, too many prints, and that makes me feel uncomfortable. So on a regular day, I usually opt for a pair of black jeans and a grey or beige knit. When I do feel like wearing a bit of color, it is either army green or a light blue jean blouse. Those colors seem to be subtle enough and easy to pair. I only own a single piece of clothing with a bold color. It is this striped shirt from Street One with bold, royal blue shoulders. I usually go for that item of clothing around this time of year, when the days are short and grey, and I feel like I need a bit of color to brighten my day. 
Collage 2
I usually style the shirt with black jeans and a fancy necklace like this one from Zara. Normally I don’t like to pair bold colors with black jeans, but the stripes at the bottom create a nice transition so it doesn't look too monochromatic. 


Because the cut of the shirt is very straight and has a high collar line, I try to look a bit more feminine by putting my hair in a cute braid.  


This past Monday, I had my last presentation at University, and I decided to wear this shirt. In a public speaking class I once learned that it is best for the presenter to wear a happy, bright color rather than a boring grey so that the audience pays more attention to the speaker. I hope I managed to do that with this little number :)



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