Montag, 26. August 2013

Flower Power


I love flower print. It's the one colorful and patterned style I wear all year round. Lately, Zara has had some really pretty fabrics, but I didn't like the cut of the shirts. So I went to a fabric store to find a similar print and made my very own top. I wanted it to be short sleeved so I could wear a cardigan or a blazer over it to make it less over powering. Here's a step by step tutorial on how to make your own floral top:

Step 1: Pick out your favorite fabric and make sure you wash it before you start.

Step 2: Copy the shape of your favorite neckline

Step 3: Fold the fabric in half and cut out a neckline on only ONE of the halves. 

Step 4: Now you can already stick your head through the cutout and measure how wide you want your armholes to be.

Step 5: After measuring how wide you'd like your sleeves to be, cut off the spare fabric.

Step 6: To make the sewing of the hemline easier, already fold it the way you like it and iron it so it stays in place

Step 7: Sew the hemline of the sleeves and the neckline and sew the two sides together (you need to do this inside out if you want to hide the seems).

And that's it! Pretty easy :)

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  1. There is a challenge for you in my blog :)

    xx Maria