Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

Travel Essentials

Oh what a challenge it was to pack the right clothes for my two week Interrail trip. I didn't want to bring too much, mostly because I knew I wasn't going to resist shopping, but since this is mostly a city trip, I still wanted the outfits to be cute and stylish. I narrowed it down to seven outfits plus a few warmer clothes. Here are a few of the essential things I brought along on my trip:


Holiday essentials: Bottoms
I packed a few shorts and skorts (new trend ;)), because dresses or "real" skirts can be really impractical. For the colder days I brought maxi skirts and some fun pants.

Holiday Essentials: Tops

I tried to keep it really basic on top. That way I could mix and match depending on the temperature.


Holiday essentials: Shoes

These three pairs of shoes have proven to be the most practical for city trips. None of them hurt, no matter how long I walk in them. The metallic sandals match almost every outfit and are good for going out as well. I will be wearing the Nike frees on days where my feet are tired and I know I have to walk for a long time. The Crocs Adriana are great for rainy days and they are (just like the ugly, more famous version of crocs) INCREDIBLY comfy!

On Friday I'll show you some outfits I styled with these essentials!

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  1. Oh, das ist eine riesige Herausforderung - die Du aber offenbar perfekt bewältigst <3 Tolle und coole Sachen nimmst Du mit!

    Alles Liebe von Rena