Montag, 24. Juni 2013

Old Skirts, New Pennant Banners

I am horrible at giving away clothes that don't fit me anymore, I'm actually hording an entire bag of stuff that I haven't worn in years but still hope I could alter them somehow and wear them again. Well, yesterday, on a rainy Sunday, I decided to say goodbye to a few of my old skirts and start a sewing project. Here's what I did:

I folded the skirts in half (so the colorful fabric would be on both sides) and cut out a triangle shape.

This took forever!! 

Then I sewed the two triangle sides together so they would be colorful on both sides.

I attached the triangles on a white ribbon.

Et voilà! My Sunday project was done! I'm going to use this banner as decoration for a brunch in the garden. The sewing was super easy, but quite time consuming. I recommend listening to a good audio book while doing it :)

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