Freitag, 22. Februar 2013


Ever wondered what you could do with your stack of old fashion magazines? Well, here's an idea:

Step1: Tear out all the pages in your magazine

Step 2: Tear them in half 

Step 3: Fold each half into thin strips. This is very easy, but time consuming. I did it while watching a movie so I didn't  get bored :)

 Step 4: Tape all the strips together until you have one strip of several meters.

Step 5: Start rolling...

 ...until it looks like this: Tape the last bit of your strip onto the big roll.

Step 7: Carefully move the outer part of your paper roll upwards and you have a bowl!!


  1. Oh no ! I could never do this :D They are just full of beautiful pictures and I love reading through them even when they are older ! I'm just collecting huge piles of fashion magazines cause I don't want to throw them away... haha :) Too attached? Maybe.. :P

  2. Wow - but I believe I´m much to lazy for that! Although I have sooo much old magazines ...

    But it´s really more easy for me to give the magazines to the recycling ;)