Montag, 4. Februar 2013

One Skirt, Zero Ways to Wear It

Today I have a little challenge for you fashion pros out there: I bought this beautiful skirt at Massimo Dutti and figured it would look really cute in the spring time with some black tights and.........
....well, the "and" is what I need help with. I have no idea what to wear on top: Dark colors, creme colors? Chunky knit or thin blouse? Help me out!! :)


  1. I imagine a beige or cream coloured chunky knit sweater or maybe a bright colour even, red for example!


  2. Whatever you've said it works! it depends on your mood of the day, if you're feeling girly or laid back.. I would put it with a big chunky dark sweater and thights..but thats my style ;)

  3. Beautiful!!
    Today nice..

    Big kiss ;*

  4. Danke für dein Kommentar!:)
    Liebe grüße <3

  5. This skirt is gorgeous!


  6. Hmm, I'm always for dark colors :P Black goes with everything...
    Lovely skirt btw!

  7. Beautiful skirt! I think it would look nice with:

    1. Creme colored t-shirt or tank with black blazer or cardigan

    2. Dark colored neutral top with dark booties or neutral light or dark flats

    3. Then you can add a pop of color with bright flats, or a bright bag or jewelry or scarf!

    Hope this is helpful! I know how you feel, I bought this pair of blue oxfords that I have no idea what to wear with!

  8. So beautiful!!
    Thanks for your comment, my new article is online ;)!

  9. cute skirt! i think it would look cute with a fitted long sleeve shirt in a fun color. thanks for stopping by my blog!!
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