Mittwoch, 6. Februar 2013

A Healthy, but a Goodie!

Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe: 
1/2 onion
1 tbls butter
1,5 l chicken broth
1 kg carrots
3 dl coconut milk
2 tbls ginger
Salt, pepper to taste

1) Cut the onion and cook it in the butter.
2) Add the chicken broth, the carrots (cut in small pieces) and the ginger (grinded)
3) Let it simmer until the carrots are soft
4) Add the coconut milk
5) Add some salt and pepper

On Monday I had the most amazing day. I slept in after watching the Superbowl on Sunday night. Then I watched a great movie called Julie and Julia, which motivated me to try out a new recipe. I cooked this carrot ginger soup as a late lunch and it lasted me until today. Yesterday, I even invited a friend over to try my delicious soup. It is really easy to make and taste amazing besides being super healthy!!  


  1. I love carrot ginger soup! It's the best on cold winter nights.


  2. Ca me donnerait presque envie de manger une soupe :)

  3. seems delicious! I just read Julie and Julia recently so I understand your inspiration ;)

    Drawing Dreaming

  4. danke für deinen kommentar:)
    die suppe sieht super aus!
    lust auf ggs folgen?

  5. Merci:) Ich koche diese Suppe gleich morgen zu Mittag! Ich habe alle Zutaten in meiner Küche. You are the best! Der Film "Julie and Julia" ist echt gut. Nachdem ich den Film gesehen habe, kaufte ich mir das Buch "Mastering the art of french cooking". She started cooking when she was 37 - amazing!

  6. That looks so delicious, wow!

    thanks for the comment. did you want to follow each other?

  7. Lovely blog!!!
    Would you like to follow each other??

    Alicia & Sofía

  8. Thanks for stopping by sweety! This is such a great post (: Are we following yet?


  9. wow I love this so fresh and yummy I really need to try this recipe out as I normally cook carrot soup myself :P x

  10. I love that movie and this soup looks so delish! May have to try! Also, just want to say that the photos are really good!