Montag, 7. Januar 2013

Forever ever?

I am a big fan of delicate gold rings but as I have always bought really cheap ones, they are slowly starting to change their color from gold to green. This one is from GoodNightMacaroon and it is made out of sterling silver with a 14k gold lining. I guess this is kind of an experiment for me, I have been wearing it non stop since I got it and for now, it hasn't changed color yet. But since it was quite cheap, I guess I have to wait and see if this one will keep its original color forever and ever :)


  1. PRETTY! I love delicate rings so much and wanted one like this forever. I'm curious about how your experiment will turn out!


  2. I love this ring and also the meaning <3

  3. I have this ring in silver... but it's old and cheap and turning green haha. I wore it so often, it's definitely worth spending a little more money on a nice one.

  4. i saw this ring, it seems so pretty ! i want it also !!! hahah

    wanna follow each other ?

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  5. Ver pretty ring :) I got your Gingerbread Giveaway set from The Body Shop. Thank you once more. It smells soo good!! Happy Blogging Year!

  6. This ring is so pretty! I love it! xx

  7. Ohhh, der ist so entü it!

    Ganz liebe Grüße

    fräulein glücklich

  8. I like gold rings. I have one from my aunt-good quality, so it does not change color and will never take off :) Your new order and did not change the color of the green! :)