Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

How to Make Rose Buds

Step one: Flatten out a roll of marzipan with a rolling pin. Use powdered sugar to make the marzipan less sticky. Make sure the marzipan is really thin, around 1mm.

Step two: Cut out three round pieces with a cookie cutter.

Step three: Flatten out one side of the circle so that the marzipan gets even thinner.

Step four: Stick the three pieces together in a line. The parts of the circles that you thinned out should face the same way.

Step five: Start rolling.

Step six: Flair out the top of the rose on one end of the role, and cut off any spare marzipan on the other side of the role.

I used the rose buds to decorate some cupcakes


  1. So easy and adorable!! the cupcakes look delicious!

  2. YUM ! I would love to taste those :)


  3. wow such pretty cupcakes!!

  4. These are adorable. I've never experimented with Marzipan before!

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