Freitag, 21. September 2012

The Perfect Day in Paris
              9 AM: Breakfast in a tiny cafe by "Place de la Répulique".

11:30 AM: A light snack at the fruit market in Aligre (metro M8 till Ledru-Rollin).

12 AM: A stroll around the flea market situated right next to the fruit market.

2 PM: Admiring the amazing architecture in Gallerie Vivienne (Rue des Petits Champs, metro M3 till Bourse)

2:30 PM:  Paying a visit to Emilio Robba, a store that sells the most amazing fake flowers.

I decided to get this beautiful rose as a present for my mom. Can you tell it's fake??

3 PM: Afternoon Snack at "A priori Thé" right next to the flower store. Greatest apple-rhubarb crumble I have ever had!!

6 PM: Visiting the neighborhood around Notre Dame.

7 PM: Watching the sun go down after a walk around the Notre Dame.

8:30 PM: Enjoying a great view of Paris from Sacre Coeur. That area is also full of cute restaurants to have dinner.


  1. So many gorgeous photos! This day seems dreamy--especially the part about the cobbler. Yum!

    The Glossy Life

  2. Alle Fotos sind wirklich sehr schön ♥ Atemberaubend!

  3. You captured the very best of Paris. Sometimes I still miss those cobblestone streets.