Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Too Mini for Me
While I think mini skirts and dresses are incredibly cute, I hate nothing more than the feeling of a chair sticking to my thighs on a hot summer day. So I decided to make this short dress from Springfield just a bit longer so that it would cover more skin. Here's how I did it:

I love the pattern of this skirt, so I tried to find a matching piece of fabric to add to the bottom of it.

I found this lovely lace fabric at a local department store.

First, I pinned the fabric at the bottom of my skirt. Remember that most fabrics shrink when you wash them, so if you would like to try this out, make sure you wash it before you start sewing!

After I pinned the fabric, I sewed it onto my skirt. This is something you could easily do without a sewing machine, but since the sticking is going to be visible, make sure you sew it carefully and evenly.

As a final step, I sewed together both ends of the fabric piece.

This is the final result. I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with this length!


  1. Te ha quedado genial. Parece original.

    Un saludo so chic.


  2. What a cute fix--I love how you made it work for your style!

    The Glossy Life

  3. ohh wie süss. Die Farbe und das Muster finde ich umwerfend. Perfekt für einen Sommertag. Du bist auch eine schweizer Bloggerin? Habe ich das richtig gesehen?