Montag, 13. August 2012

A Pop of Color
I seriously need to stop going to Zara, because I cannot walk out of that store without purchasing anything :) I got this low-back striped shirt on sale. The ring is from H&M and the shorts I've had for a couple of years already...also from Zara :)

Necklace from Zara.


  1. I love the open back of your shirt!
    I'm you newest follower, what about you being mine? (:


  2. I have the SAME problem with Zara. I feel like sometimes, I have to walk out with my eyes closed after trying things on and purchasing, just so I don't change my mind. I love the open back of this shirt. Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm your newest Bloglovin' follower!

    The Glossy Life

  3. I love that top! Great outfit. Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo, Julie

  4. Lovely :) I love how the outfit looks so fresh!