Montag, 20. August 2012

10 Minutes to Infinity
It is boiling hot in Switzerland. Yesterday it was 38°C and I was just desperately looking for the shade and cold water. Although I do enjoy the summer time (mostly because I'm still on summer break :)) I am very much looking forward to fall. I decided to alter some clothes that I already own, hoping that it would keep me from spending so much money on the new fall collection at Zara :) I decided to get started with something really quick and easy, so I turned this old scarf from H&M into a nice infinity scarf. Here's how I did it: 
Step 1: I pinned together both ends of the scarf, with the outside facing inward.

Step 2: I picked matching threads for my sewing machine. You could do this by hand too, it's just much quicker this way.

Step 3: I sewed together both ends of the scarf.

Step 4: This is what the seam looks like on the outside when it's done.

I like to pair this scarf with a simple white shirt and a black leather bag.


  1. i love your DIY posts! they are very simple to repeat yet creative and ideas are really great! the scarf looks truly fantastic!



  2. What an awesome DIY--I have to try this with my favorite scarf!

    The Glossy Life

  3. very creative. might just do this myself. thanks for the tip. keep posting! i like your blog. followed you! hope you follow back. take care! :)))

  4. never thought of this, super easy alteration!


  5. Lovely scarf :)

  6. Love this idea, I will be doing it to a few scarves of mine this fall!