Montag, 18. Juni 2012

Summer Break
Tomorrow I am handing in my last paper and then I am finally on summer break. Here's what I plan on doing the next three months:

Go for Walks
I want to stay active this summer, and because I live close to a forest, I am looking forward to long walks in a cool, quiet environment.

 Go Swimming
I will be spending three weeks at a lake in Switzerland, and I can't wait to go on boat rides and cool off in the water.

 Stay healthy
As I already mentioned in last week's post, I am determined to live a healthier lifestyle. This week, I will upload photos of what I eat and how I exercise every evening...starting tonight!

I imagine wearing this outfit on a walk along the beach in Barcelona, where I plan on going this July.

Although I am very much looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing for a while, I still want to expand my horizon and keep using my brain :) Next on my list are some all time best sellers such as "A Tale of Two Cities" or "And Then There Were None".

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  1. Oh I love that outfit with the vuitton bag !