Montag, 11. Juni 2012

Cupcakes in a Cup
It was my boyfriend's birthday last week, so instead of going for the classic cake, I decided to make cupcakes. (I got the recipe from Leila Lindholm, as always.) For the topping, I decided to create my own recipe, because the toppings from other recipes have always been a little too sweet for me. So I just added mascarpone, lemon and powdered sugar until I was happy with the taste.

This unhealthy deliciousness brings me to another topic that I have been thinking about quite a lot in the last few weeks. Whenever I am busy studying for exams, I develop a very unhealthy eating habit. I eat tons of chocolate and other desserts and I start craving pizza, and McDonald's for dinner. I justify it by convincing myself that I deserve this kind of food after all the hard work I've been doing :)
Next week, I'm handing in my last paper for this term, and I decided to change some of my eating habits while I'm on summer break. Just as a disclaimer, I don't want to loose a ton of  weight and, I am not going to completely stay away from carbs or fat. What I will do, is simply try to cut out the carbs, sugar and fat of unhealthy meals such as hamburgers or cake and replace them with healthier versions such as whole wheat pasta, avocados and fruits. I have been collecting recipes for healthier meals and starting next Monday, I will post a picture and the recipe of what I have been eating EVERY DAY. I will also try to include some sort of physical exercise into my day, even if it's just a nice, long walk. If any of you would like to do the same, I would love to read about your tips on how to stay healthy! I'm very curious about the results of this little experiment. Will it make me feel great and give me a lot more energy, or am I just going to be cranky the whole time because I'm missing the comfort food? ....Stay tuned... :)

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