Montag, 21. Mai 2012

Lovely Zara

Cardigan, white tee and high-low skirt fro Zara, belt from H&M

Bag from Zara

Casio watch from Fizzen, bracelets vintage

I did it. Finally, I dared to get photographed and post the pictures on my blog. I personally love to see outfit posts but until now, I didn't want to do it myself, because it would make this blog very personal and anybody in the world could see me. I don't get too many page views yet, but the scary thing is, that most of my viewers live in countries that I have neither been to, nor know anybody I just have to trust that they read my blog with the best intentions.
Like most decisions in my life, the decision to show my face was motivated by money :) On the Zara home page I saw that you can win 300 Euros if you upload a photo of yourself wearing a Zara outfit. I thought this was quite a nice motivation to finally stand in front of the lense rather than behind it...

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  1. LOVELY :) and I really like the outfit + your hair looks AMAZING.. !