Mittwoch, 16. April 2014

On the Road Again

T-Shirt: Pink VS, Sweater: American Apparel


I am packing and getting ready for a trip to the East coast around Easter. Here are a few things I am bringing along. For clothes I've kept it plain and simple, mostly grey and white and a bit of Spring feel with my new Zara top. 


Ich bin gerade am packen und vorbereiten für eine Reise an die Ostküste der USA über Ostern. Hier ein paar Sachen die ich mitnehmen werde. Kleidermässig ist es ziemlich simpel, vor allem grau und weiss und nur ein wenig Frühlingsstimmung mit meinem neuen Zara Top. 



Montag, 14. April 2014

How to Dress Skinny - Part 2

Elegant Look

Outfit 3

Here are some more outfit ideas and tips on how to dress skinny. Dresses make you look more feminine and elegant, no matter what size you are. In choosing the right dress, watch out for fabric: The thicker the fabric, the more flattering it is, because it won't stick to your love handles, but cover them nicely. In terms of shape, it is best to go for a peplum shape or anything that is cinched in at the skinniest part of your body. Again, look for a statement necklace and a pop of color on your lips to keep the focus on your face and wear nude heels to elongate your legs!


Heute zeige ich euch nochmal zwei mögliche Outfits, die euch automatisch schlanker aussehen lassen. In einem Kleid sieht man sofort feminin und elegant aus, egal welche Grösse man hat. Wichtig ist, auf den Stoff zu achten: Dünner Stoff kann and den Kurven kleben, aber dickerer Stoff versteckt ein paar extra Pölsterchen! Ein Peplum Schnitt gibt dir schöne Kurven und eine schlänkere Taille. Auffällige Ketten und ein Farbtupfer auf den Lippen wird den Fokus auf dein Gesicht ziehen und ein Paar hautfarbene Heels verlängern deine Beine!

Casual Look

Outfit 4

Some people say that maxi dresses only look good on tall people, but I don't agree! They can elongate anybody's silhouette, and they are a great casual option if you don't feel comfortable showing off your legs. Again, watch out for the fabric and layer with a cute vest or jacket.


Viele denken dass Maxi Kleider nur bei grossen Frauen schön aussehen. Diese Meinung teile ich jedoch gar nicht! Das richtige Maxi Kleid kann jede Figur verlängern und sind eine super Option, wenn du deine Beine ein bisschen verdecken möchtest. Achte wiederum auf den Stoff und das Schichtenprinzip. Eine Weste oder dünne Jacke werden deine Silhouette nochmals verlängern. 

Donnerstag, 10. April 2014

Home Away From Home


It's not always easy living abroad. Even though I've adapted quite well and feel comfortable in the US most of the time, there's a moment here and there, where I'm reminded that I come from a completely different culture. So when I came across a cute store that sells Swiss cheese and delicious marmalade, I was so happy to be able to enjoy a classic Swiss breakfast again. It's those little things that make me feel home away from home.


Es ist nicht immer leicht, in einem fremden Land zu Leben. Obwohl ich mich in den USA schon gut eingelebt habe, gibt es immer wieder Momente, in denen ich merke, dass ich aus einer ganz anderen Kultur komme. Zum Glück hab ich hier einen süssen Laden gefunden, der auch Schweizer Käse und feine Konfi verkauft. Jetzt kann ich endlich wieder ein typisches Schweizer Z'morge geniessen. Solche Kleinigkeiten geben mir immer wieder ein heimeliges Gefühl, obwohl ich im Ausland bin.



Montag, 7. April 2014

Homemade luxury


I love fruits, I love chocolate and the mixture of the two is just as good as it gets! Chocolate covered strawberries always remind me of fancy events where there's lots of champagne and luxurious food. They are so easy to make at home, though, that I have started to bring some "fancy" into my own little poor-student-world! Just heat up some dark chocolate in a pan and dip the strawberries. If you put the strawberries in the fridge before, the chocolate will cool down so quickly that they are ready to eat within seconds. A great idea for a healthy dessert after a big meal!



Donnerstag, 3. April 2014

How to Dress Skinny

We all have different body types, and what looks great on one person may look hideous on another. I, for instance, am really tall and pear shaped, which means boyfriend jeans just look ridiculous on me, even though I love them on other girls. I think we can hide a lot of imperfections by dressing the right way. This especially goes for people that are overweight. I know a lot of tips and tricks to hide a couple of pounds, and in my opinion, certain styles even look better on curvier girls. In the next few weeks, I am going to show you different outfits that incorporate many of those tricks so that my curvier readers can get inspired to dress more flattering both for business and more casual occasions. 

Outfit #1: Elegant

Outfit 1

One of the most well-known tricks to dress skinny is to wear black. I think that is true, but there are lots of ways to wear lighter colors and still get a slimming effect. One way is to layer. It doesn't matter if you wear a baggy or a tight shirt, If you layer it with a cardigan or light jacket, it will hide love handles and elongate your figure. Another trick is to wear short statement necklaces. For business outfits I wouldn't go too crazy, but an elegant necklace will direct the focus to your face and cleavage. Wear nude heels to elongate your legs and a big statement bag which will make you look smaller in proportion. 

Outfit #2: Casual

Outfit 2

Again, wear whatever t-shirt you like, but make sure you layer it with, a jacket. Wear bright lipstick for a fresh and healthy look. Even though heels will make you look skinnier, you can achieve the same effect by rolling up the bottom of your pants a few inches to show some skin around your ankle. This is the genius trick Sarah Jessica Parker reveals here.

I hope this was helpful, and I will show you more tips and tricks in the coming weeks!  - Xoxo

Montag, 31. März 2014

A Perfect Sunday


Yesterday was the first day we got actual Spring like weather. I slept in, got some coffee, went to the zoo and for a long walk along the lake. All in all a perfect day! 




Shirt - Forever 21
Jeans - Chicoree
Bag - Fizzen
Watch - Longines
Boots - Payless


Donnerstag, 27. März 2014

Sweet Potato and Squash




This is another delicious soup recipe I've tried out. A little tip to avoid cutting the rock hard sweet potato and squash: Just place them in the oven for about 45 min and then they are soft and super easy to cut into cubes! I didn't add much to the mix. I just added water and a bit of salt and pepper and blended it all in a mixer.