Dienstag, 20. September 2016

A night out with Estée


I've been trying out these gorgeous new products from Estée Lauder. The new perfume, Modern Muse Nuit, is the perfect scent for a night out. It's quite a heavy perfume, so I only started using it when the weather turned colder. The lipstick in the color 410 power mode is my new go to on a night out when I tend to use darker shadows on the eyes and want to keep the lips natural. The new foundation, Double Wear Nude has become my all-time favorite foundation, and I will definitely repurchase it. For one, it has an integrated cushion stick which makes the application very easy and so handy when you are travelling light and don't want to bring a ton of brushes. Secondly, the foundation feels like a hydrating cream and doesn't look or feel cakey at all. Love!

Montag, 5. September 2016

Office Art


The office is usually not a place where people spend much effort trying to decorate it. For most, it is a place to dump endless amounts of pens and paperwork. Up until now, I was no different. My office was always messy, and I kept documents laying around for ages until I finally got around to cleaning them up. Recently, I decided to make a change. I figured, since I am spending most of my day at the desk, why not try and put in some effort to make it a pleasurable place to be in. I added a plant to my desk, a few books that inspire me, and I am going to hang up a few drawings. I wanted to use work-related art, so a motivational quote, coffee and a joke were my first choice. You can find more art and drawings on my Pinterest Page.