Sonntag, 21. September 2014




I went to a flea market last weekend and scored this donut tray for less than two bucks! I tried out this German recipe, which was super easy. I had no idea how simple it was to make donuts and they turned out absolutely fantastic!


Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Common Sense Cuisine




On my last day in the US, I went to Whole Foods, and as I walked past their book section, the Sprouted Kitchen recipe book immediately caught my eye. The Sprouted Kitchen has been one of my favorite food blogs for a long time, so I just couldn't resist picking up a copy. Now that I am home, I have already tried out some of the recipes, the first one being this tomato soup. The recipe is simple, quick and the ingredients are easy to find in the supermarket. Those are my number one criteria if I am searching for a good recipe. Like I said before, I rarely follow a recipe. I like to practice what I call "Common Sense Cuisine". I get inspired by the ingredients and quickly browse through the recipe, but then I usually go along and do whatever I think will taste good. In this case I roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic with a bit of olive oil in the oven for thirty minutes, added them to a pan of chicken broth, blended everything and seasoned to taste. I didn't take any exact measurements. Knowing that tomatoes contain a lot of water, I only used a small amount of chicken broth. For the seasoning I chose whatever I thought would taste good, but mostly parsley, salt and pepper. 

The highlight of this meal was the piece of olive bread I baked in the oven with a layer of mozzarella cheese. Heaven!

I can highly recommend this book, and on the weekend, I plan on tackling the baking section!!



Montag, 15. September 2014

Almost Black is the New Black

Colorful Blacks 2

When it comes to fashion, I am really not big on colors. I might wear a bright pink lipstick or red nail polish, but for clothes I rarely step out of my grey, black and white comfort zone. At least this was the case until I discovered these subtle dark colors. At first glance they look black, but depending on the light, you can discover a slight color. My favorite is a dark, dark green that brings out my eyes, and I just recently bought a super dark blue knit at Urban Outfitters. For Fall, dark red and aubergine colors are gorgeous too, but not too bright or overpowering! If you shy away from colors like I do, keep an eye out for these subtle shades this Fall! 

Colorful Blacks 1

Donnerstag, 11. September 2014

Bye Bye

My stay in the US has officially come to an end. I arrived back home in Switzerland this morning and have been spending my day fighting against the jet lag, but enjoying my family, drinking lots of tea and eating my favorite chocolate that I've missed so much. Bye bye USA, I had a great time!!

Montag, 8. September 2014

Chia Seed Pudding


I have seen a lot of recipes for chia seed puddings, and I wanted to give this one a try because apparently chia seeds are very good for you. I mixed them with a bit of almond milk and some honey and put them in the fridge for about 2 hours. The verdict? I'm not impressed. The consistency never gets real pudding-y and the taste is relatively bland. Topped off with some fresh berries makes it taste pretty good, though, and I think this is a nice, healthy alternative to breakfast cereal.


Mittwoch, 3. September 2014

Fall is in the Air


Yesterday was the first cool day, and it was the first time I noticed how quickly it's getting dark in the evenings. No worries, though, because that means my favorite season is just around the corner! It means grey knits, dark reds and big, big scarves. The main things on my wishlist for this Fall are a super soft slightly rose-colored beigne knit and a new pair of glasses for University, hopefully in a warm brown tone. 

The pictures above are from pinterest page and from the new Warby Parker Fall Collection

Montag, 1. September 2014



I recently bought myself the Kinfolk Table book at Anthropology, mostly because I love their photographs and because this makes a gorgeous coffee table book. I'm not a big fan of using recipe books, because they usually have tons of ingredients that I have never heard of and that I have to hunt down in different supermarkets. This is not one of those books. Most of the recipes I've browsed through so far only include ingredients that I keep in my fridge at all times anyways. This is the first recipe I tried: The citrus lentil salad. I didn't follow the exact measurements, but just added to taste. This recipe includes lentils, scallions, olive oil, vinegar, fresh lemon juice and zest, some sugar, salt and pepper and I added some tomatoes and avocados.  I didn't have scallions at home, so I used onions instead, but I think spring onions would be much better. The lemon makes this salad taste very fresh and makes it the perfect dinner on a hot and humid evening!